Pokémon trainers have ditched their bulky pokédexes for smartphones that are capable of handling their pocket monster data. That makes finding a good phone case crucial, even if that means searching far and wide to find one capable of protecting the power that’s inside.

Casetify, a popular phone case designer, is introducing a new line of pokémon-themed cases ahead of Detective Pikachu’s release. Many of the phone cases, which are available for various iPhone models and other non-Apple devices, feature a specific pokémon set against the company’s logo. There are cases with Bulbasaur, Mew, Charmander, Eevee, Snorlax, and, of course, Pikachu. There’s even a case that features a collage of good pokémon pals for the indecisive trainers who don’t want to pick their favorite fictional child. There are also non-phone case devices available for purchase, including pokémon-covered AirPods cases.

The first round of Casetify’s pokémon phone case and accessory drop happens on May 10th. People who are interested in buying one of the cases can sign up for the waitlist now. Prices for cases and accessories range from $20 to $65.

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